Regular Brunch
Egg-citing Buffet Brunch

19-22 APRIL

 Easter Egg Craft Competition 奇趣復活蛋創作比賽

(For all branches 所有分店適用)
  • Craft your 3D egg and get a chance to win the ultimate grand prize!
  • Take a picture of your well-crafted Easter egg, upload to Instagram and #TheSaltedPigHK #EggcellentPiggy
  • The 3 most creative pieces will be awarded $500 dining voucher and award certificate
  • Winners will be announced on social media on 30 April 2019
  • 美化裝飾您的立體復活蛋以贏取終極大獎
  • 為你的奇趣復活蛋拍下照片、上載至Instagram並標籤 #TheSaltedPigHK #EggcellentPiggy
  • 最有創意的三位參加者將獲得$500餐飲禮券及小豬證書
  • 得獎結果將於四月三十日於社交媒體公佈

Egg-citing Buffet Brunch復活節自助午餐

(Lai Chi Kwok branch only荔枝角分店限定)
  • $248每位 $128小童 Kids under 6 eat for FREE
  • More than 30 kinds of delicacy including Roasted US Bone-In Ribeye Steak, All-you-can-eat-Egg in any styles, Chocolate Fountain
  • Kiddo Choco Egg Corner – Craft and decorate your own chocolate egg with assorted candies, nuts & more chocolates
  • 六歲以下小童免費 超過三十款美食包括
  • 現切美國連骨肉眼牛扒、雞蛋放題、朱古力噴泉
  • 復活節朱古力蛋親子創作班 ! 以美味食材創作朱古力蛋

  • Terms & Conditions Buffet items are subject to change due to the availability
  •  All activities are limited in first-come-first–serve basis
  • 10% service charge applies
  • Shore Hospitality Group reserves the right of refusal and to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice and the right of the final decision.
  • 自助餐選項可因供應要求而更改而不用另行通知
  • 所有活動為先到先得
  • 另收加一服務費
  • 如有任何爭議, 本集團保留修訂此項活動條款及細則之權利, 並將保留最終決定權。